80’s, Onward!

Organized by Lynn's 80th Birthday Virtual Food Drive!

Donations accepted June 20, 2024–August 9, 2024

My Goal

$2,770 of $2,500

Join me in supporting hungry neighbors in Berkeley by donating to my Berkeley Food Network Virtual Food Drive!

Berkeley Food Network is one of my favorite volunteer gigs. They are a local food assistance nonprofit that distributes food directly to neighbors in need and 34 community service organizations in Berkeley, Albany, and Oakland.

Berkeley Food Network supports 6,500 people in our community every week. When you donate to my 80th Birthday Virtual Food Drive, you are helping BFN source the groceries our community needs. For every $1 of your contribution, you provide $4 of healthy food to a family in need.

General Donation
General operational support is critical to our ability to meet our mission, covering expenses like office supplies, equipment, utilities, and salaries for our talented and compassionate staff.

Enter Donation Amount:

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives
This donation will help provide food-insecure individuals with dairy & dairy alternatives. In addition to shelf stable milk, your donation may also provide an individual with plant-based milk and other dairy & dairy-like items. 

Price: $15.00

General Produce
Support us in supplying fruits and vegetables to the community! We believe in providing nutritious produce to our clients, and your support will help us do that!

Price: $25.00

High-Quality Protein
Donate a case of high-quality protein for our clients: including, chicken, turkey, impossible burger, and more! Food will be sourced from our partners at: Alameda County Community Food Bank, Real Good Fish, & Golden Gate Meats!

Price: $40.00

Home Delivery Box
Each homebound box is delivered to seniors in our community and includes the client's choice of items including eggs, chicken, fish, alternative meat, fresh produce, shelf-stable goods, frozen Hub Kitchen meals, and more!

Price: $65.00

Last year, egg prices rose by a whopping 60%, putting them out of reach for many of our members.  Your gift will help us expand our budget to purchase this sought-after item that many of our members rely on as a healthy source of protein.

Price: $10.00

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  • Stretching Your Dollars 

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate provides even more meals for our hungry neighbors.

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